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Drew Fodor


April 19th, 2015

     Today I'd like to talk about shooting portraits, and basic associated compositional tips. Firstly, we should discuss the rule of thirds. Many times, symmetrical subject composition can be a bit boring.  Instead, positioning subjects a bit off-center both vertically and horizontally can improve composition. This can be difficult if autofocus (AF) points are not present far enough outside the center of the frame. Focusing, then recomposing the shot can prove helpful.

     Depth of field in most portrait shots is kept shallow, using wide apertures, long focal lengths, short camera-subject and long subject-background distance. This blurs the background, and keeps it from distracting the subject. The issue with shallow DOF is that often cameras will focus on the nearest object to itself, the nose, not the eyes. Therefore, it is helpful to use a single AF point, or use manual focus.

     Shutter speeds can be kept pretty slow in low light situations, provided the subject is keeping still. This can allow for the use of low ISO values.

I recently added a video about myself and Fodor Photography to the About page. Check it out!

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