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Cycling! (Pet Portraits #2)

April 6th, 2015

          Well, on one of our first hot weekend days here in Reno, some friends and I wanted to spend time out of the house. We decided to go on a bike ride down near the Truckee River, going from the west towards Idlewild Park. We took three of our friend's doggies, but Mishka was predisposed with my dad (they missed each other). 

     The pups took a dip in the river, and came back full of mud (some more than others, like our giant friend Duncan on the right).

     Anise is the chihuahua mix (first set below), and is a bit.....well, let's say touchy. But when it comes to long walks, she is nice and content. She'll pretty much walk forever, I feel like. Lumen, the mini schnauzer, is a little ball of love and cuddles, and always tries to be right next to you while you're walking. That can make things difficult when she inevitably walks between your legs, though!

     The nice little eighty degree February day (what is Reno, seriously) was unfortunately cut short by a series of technical difficulties though. With two flat tires and a some stuck gears, it was time to call it a day. Two of us jogged while the others biked back alongside us. We returned home, ate way too much food, and fell asleep happy. 

     It was nice while it lasted though. The first of many hiking/cycling journeys of this year. I will say that I wish it could have lasted longer...and that we could have walked the cats.

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