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February 23rd, 2015

     In addition to photography, I also teach skills to emergency medical technician (EMT) students in the TMCC EMS department.

     Teaching has been an important part of my life since I started college. I began tutoring in math, the sciences, and english, as my undergraduate studies were in the biological sciences and involved quite a lot of all three. During the start of my graduate work in Business Administration (MBA), I took an EMT class at TMCC.

     The class is still very important to me. I was introduced to a side of medicine I had not before seen. Prehospital emergency care is vitally important to patient outcomes, and learning the art of patient interaction and assessment was an honor.

     In class, I was responsible for several duties, one of which being documentation (through photography and writing) of class activities for the students after graduating, and for press releases associated with the program. I owe this role to spurring the professionalization of my photography.

     During the course, I accompanied the then Paramedic class to their Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) drill. This event simulated a bus crash into a power line, and was an interdisciplinary effort of many public safety responders. The exposure to a real world triage-then-treat scenario was very beneficial to my medical education, and I also enjoyed the ability to capture the event through my photography.

     Also during our EMT class, our instructor brought in his four children for our pediatric skills section. We only got to experience this in practice, but one of the most humbling events in EMS is when a parent hands you their sick child, and places their trust in you to help them. I can think of no other field where this trust is so important, and must be taken without time for thought. I got into medicine, and hope to continue in the field, to help others, and pediatric medicine perhaps represents the pinnacle of that ideal.

     For our community engagement project, I and my classmate Gennie McClelland organized the TMCC EMS iPod Project at Regent Care. The idea for the program is to deliver music to our local underprivileged seniors, and is detailed in the linked press release. We were so very happy to work with Regent Care on this project, and the residents, staff, and us were all pleased with what we were able to accomplish.

     Fast forward to now, and I have moved from the role as a student to one of Assistant Instructor. I am now responsible for teaching skills to our EMT classes at TMCC, along with our other IAs. Our many IAs come from various backgrounds, and levels of care, and it is a pleasure working with all of them. It has been a great experience teaching at TMCC, and I enjoy it very much. I thank all of our instructors and staff here, for the journey I have shared with them in EMS. Regardless of where life takes me professionally, into photography, business, or medicine, I will always remember my time in EMS at TMCC.

Any fellow public safety and/or healthcare professionals out there? Take a moment and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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