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First Bloom (Macro #2)

March 30th, 2015

    A little break from all this exposure talk. We had our first full bloom here in Reno, and it's been quite a wonder to see. We had a few small ones earlier this month, and back at the end of February, but the temperature cycled too quickly for many of the plant life to fully come out. It's been a great bit of macro fun, and I'm anticipating having more macro material for you all soon, since it just keeps getting more colorful around here.

    I'm always sort of surprised when I see the amount of life around Reno. Some part of my brain just kind of can't comprehend how a high desert environment can look so damn beautiful in spring. Winter I can understand, since all that brown nasty gets covered up (a topic for another day). But spring...all I can say is props to all the people who brought in all these bushes and trees, which attracted the diverse wildlife it did.

    The shots in this set were taken at two places. The picture on the right, and the first in the set below were taken at Rancho San Rafael park.

    The rest in this first set were taken at UNR, just east of the mid-campus hub (Ansari, Schulich, etc). I loved being able to see the bloom while it wasn't quite done! There were enough flowers to make these shots stunning, but also enough buds to bring that springtime feeling out.

    This next set is also at UNR, in that hub I mentioned previously. I was first only expecting to get plant life in these shots, but the bees know it's spring too! So thanks to this little guy for being nice and photogenic for me.

The lack of water is concerning, but anyone else enjoying the early glimpse of summer weather?

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Hope to see you back next time!

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