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February 22nd, 2015

     Another one of my interests in photography lies with food. I love food; finding new places, cooking up new ideas and recipes. A pretty significant part of my life at home is in the kitchen, slaving away over some cinnamon rolls or another (more appropriate for dinner) meal. In my haste, there aren't many opportunities for picture-taking, since the first time I usually think about capturing any of it is after I've cleaned up.

     Every once in a while, though, I get some good shots. Down at Krafty Krepes in San Diego, I got to see some of the cooking going on in the back. From dinner to dessert crepes, everything we sampled was very (very) good.

     It was one of those moments, assisted by not needing to be involved with the cooking, where I could concentrate on the composition. Usually, the food seems to pull me back, and the images I am able to capture are flawed in one way or another. This set, though, has some of the few food photography pictures I'm actually happy with.

     Food photography has its own challenges, I've found. It's often indoors, and though sometimes there is powerful lighting nearby, you often must deal with a low-light environment. Depth-of-field is deceiving with food, and the margin for error is quite small. Too narrow, and it looks a bit too artistic, and showcases too little of the final product. Too wide, and you risk introducing distracting background elements, and making it look a bit pedantic.

     It's rewarding in its own way though, how it can communicate both scent and taste. This dessert, which I ate back in 2010 on my trip to Patagonia, I can still remember quite clearly. The crisp, golden crumble, tart raspberry/blackberry, and sweet vanilla filling and sauce. Without capturing it, it wouldn't remain as clear in my mind. But hey, I love food, which is why I care about remembering it.

Anyone else love cooking or food photography? Take a moment and leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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