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February 13th, 2015

     I owe much of my love of photography to nature. It was on a cruise through Patagonia that I first felt the creative impulse to capture moments in the world around me. So, with my first DSLR in tow, a Canon T2i, I began looking for subjects, and learning my way around composition and light control. Without a formal education in photography, it was quite difficult to align my vision with what I was producing. Those have gotten closer over time, but I still find knowledge or equipment gaps get in the way of capturing the moment I have envisioned.

     Nonetheless, I began shooting everything I could, if only for the sake of practice. I found myself gravitating to subjects of the natural world: flowers, wildlife, mountains, and everything in between. The first turn my nature photography took was into macro. I got myself a Canon 100mm Macro lens, and went into my backyard. It was a 20F winter morning, and our berry tree had a thick covering of frost.

     I was excited with how this new lens let me get a new perspective on nature, and I went on a series of long cycling trips (made a bit more difficult carrying photography equipment!). I wanted to test out different compositions and subjects. Many of my macro shots involved different kinds of plant life.

     In macro photography, between the very close focusing distance usually taking place, and the narrow depth of field used, getting correct focus can be quite difficult. Manual focus adjustments are also often necessary. Wind is an additional factor, and here in Reno wind can make even macro photography with a tripod impossible.

     With macro shots involving insects or other animal life, shutter speed is an even more important consideration, as faster values are needed to freeze motion. That being said, I'm happy with how a few turned out when I found insects on the plants I was shooting.

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