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Technicolor Dreams II

March 2nd, 2015

     In September of last year, the University of Nevada, Reno hosted an electronic dance music (EDM) concert called Technicolor Dreams II, in collaboration with Uprising. I stopped by, since it was the conclusion of UNR's Business Week events, many of which I tried to attend. It represented quite a lot of firsts for me, including concert photography, and shooting in the rain.

     My 5DIII's weather sealing definitely got tested that day, but less so since I was able to shoot from the stage area, which was relatively covered. Shooting a night concert with an f/4 zoom (24-105mm) was pretty challenging, just because the light definitely required a high ISO at that aperture, at least if I wanted to avoid camera shake.    

     As such, this was also one of the first times my 50mm f/1.8 got more camera time. That little nifty fifty let me capture shots which would have been unfeasible (if not impossible) on a narrower maximum aperture. Those extra two and a half stops of light made a huge difference when it came to noise and motion freezing in these shots, even if I was a bit more limited in terms of depth of field and field of view.

     Upon arriving, I was approached by one of the event organizers, who asked if I would like to take some shots from the stage area. So the shots below come after I was satisfied with the establishing shots. They definitely represent a much different view of the event. One more human and involved, less mysterious and detached.

     Soon after moving back into the stage area, it started to rain pretty heavily. Everyone seemed pretty alright with this new development, and only a few people left early. Unfortunately, that group included my friends, who tagged along with me. But I was satisfied with staying for the learning experience, and was not disappointed with my decision. 

     The rain may have started early, but the party definitely ended late. It was a great experience for event photography, and I thank the promoters for giving me the access they did. I will definitely stop by again next year!

     Anyone reading attend this event? Take a moment to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Hope to see you back next time!

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