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Unspectacular Locations

April 12th, 2015

     Reno's great. In the winter, or given some of its crazy cloud coverings, landscapes can be complex and bold. Summer, though? Yeah, stay away from landscapes. It's just brown, speckled with green. It's the unfortunate effect of living in the less glamorous city next to Tahoe (which is basically always beautiful, see bottom right photo).

     So what do you do when the landscapes you're taking are technically well-executed, but still leave something to be desired? Like any sort of color. Come on, Reno. There are plenty of ways to circumvent this issue, but they all involve staying away from providing the big (ugly) picture. More macro, less landscapes. More indoor (or tightly framed) portraits, less outdoor (and wide) ones. 

     There are also areas which are like little pretty microcosms, separated from the surrounding, dull landscapes. Unfortunately, these areas are usually attractive due to human landscaping intervention, lending a manicured, artificial feel.

     Above is pictured one of Reno's more picturesque natural features, the Truckee River. Unfortunately, especially on an overcast day, that's not enough to liven up most landscapes. The top photo and this one were taken about fifteen miles apart, but still share that same shade of nasty brown. Below to the left is an example of one of Reno's more diverse microcosms, the UNR campus. Specifically, this is the main quadrangle, around the time I took the photographs for the First Bloom post.

Agree or disagree with my thoughts about Reno's aesthetics? Take a moment to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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